Gatech Automation gate motors FAQ

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1Does the gate stop when hitting an object ?

The gate will stop when striking and object, it is an added saftey feature.

2I have double swing gates, does it have pedestrian mode?

Yes, with a double swing kit, you may open one gate instead of two, called pedestrian mode.

3I can not get power to my gate?

As we also have Solar Powered gate openers, you can be Automatic in no time.

4When i order a gate,how long does it take to get made?

Our lead time on gates fabricated, is around 15 to 20 working days to the time of delivery.

5Can I have link multiple remote controls to the gate motor?

Yes! Gatech will install and program as many remote controls as necessary for your premises or business.

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6、Does Gatech supply and program new remote controls for existing systems?

Yes! For new staff or family members Gatech can supply and program any make of remote control.

7Can a gate motor work with a remote control and a keypad unit?

Yes. Both of these can be wired into the gate motor to provide a diverse security solution.

8、Our industrial slide gate is 7 mtrs long and very heavy,have you got some thing we can use?

Yes, no problem there, we stock Industrial slide gate openers for gates up to 2000 kgs.

9Can i do it DIY?

Yes, that's right, we sell a lot of D.I.Y gate openers, all come with full instructions and of coarse our free support line.

10Can i have a button system on the outside of the gate?

For sure, we also supply wired keypads for gate access which are ideal for security.

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11Are your Quotes free?

Yes, of coarse, we offer Free quotes and advice for all customers, we do what we can to help you in any way Free of charge.

12I have 2 gates will one remote do both?

Well we have 2 button remotes, so you or we can code one button to either gate, instead of having 2 different remotes.

13What do i get when i buy a sliding gate opener?

Well you get the whole kit,4 mtrs of gate rack,2 remotes, all hardware and instruction manual.

14Do I Need Professional Installation?

YES! Only a professional can provide an objective analysis of your entry/exit fixtures, making sure that your system and components will be installed correctly and function correctly.

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