Residential Swing Gate Operators

Up to 600kg

The motor is 24V DC linear operator for swing gates up

to 6m(3m per leaf) and a combined gate weight of

300kgs(662 lbs). The fluid-grease lubrication system,

polyester powder-paint coating, self-lubricating

worm gear and built in thermal protection system

ensure quiet operation and a long working life in

all weather conditions, without the need for

periodic maintenance.Our units are some of

the most robust that you will find and are designed to

include accessories and safety features, often only available as 
an added extra.


De@net 2 years warranty

swing gate motors extra receiver for swing gate motorscontrol box for swing gate openersswing gate motors for dual swing doors


Independent load sensing tolerance of each swing gate motor for increased safety 

Input for safety sensing devices such as beams 

Pedestrian opening of motor 1 only with independent pre-programmed auto-close  

Integrated onboard rolling code receiver for control of both the full opening and pedestrian functions 

Relay output for control of either courtesy lights or electric lock

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This version powered at 24V has been specially designed for simpler

   and faster installation in compliance with latest safety standards.

►Thanks to the obstruction sensing device, the operator reverses motion

    and prevents damage to people and vehicles in the event of contact.

►Battery is charge via mains solar panel, without electric power input;

    24 hour power-no power failure.

   ► GATECH'S system of coded magnetic limit switches makes it possible to

         reduce the complexity of wiring the low-voltage motors:

    a single wire is carried to the control panelinstead of the three or five

        normally required, thereby increasing the simplicity and speed of installation.

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                                                    Automatic Swing gate opener 600kg

Output Power of motor

12VDC/24VDC  45W

Rotational speed


Rod’s running speed


Rod’s max travel

300mm 400mm 500mm

Max leaf length


Max single-leaf weight


Environment temperature


Continual run time


Protection class


15653332227067442.png 15653322025801817.jpg 15653321966830137.jpg                 


Gate operators accessories


Flash lamp  220V/12V/24V


Photocell 24V/12V

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Up to 600kg


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