QC Profile

Quality is the life of factory

Pay attention to the design of production to achieve safe

Easy installation and eash to repair and maintaince


The production process, inspection and parts procurement are in full compliance with the quality assurance system.

1) Our workers realize that quality is the life of the factory, when they are producing and assembling, they always keep this in mind; every detail is related to the quality of the product and the survival of the factory;

2) when we purchase raw materials, we will Select several suppliers, and then select the most cost-effective and best-quality supplier from them;

3) Before the raw materials enter the workshop, quality inspection is carried out, and raw materials that fully meet our quality standards are selected for production.

4) All products have been tested by national authoritative testing institutions before shipment.

5) Quality tean will inspect and test every item before shipment, then packed in Carton.

6) Every order we will keep a order samples as a record for every customer to check in 6 months.

7) Stong outer package and Safe domestic transport to seaport;



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