Ac or Dc Gate motors to be operated?

January 26, 2022

Ac or Dc Gate motors to be operated?

Ac or Dc gate motors to be  operated?


You've decided it's time to automate and install your door motor, where do you start now? With some research, we're here to make sure you're off to a good start with some handy tips.


There is a trouble for your selection firstly, AC or DC power?


DC power is more safer than AC, many families will choose DC power supply to operate their Garden and fence gate. A another reason is some countries with unreliable power delivery,24V Dc gate motors with battery, which will not be a problem in case of failure power.

However, you will keep continuous current from your battery when the light go off, you should prepare spare battery sometimes in case of battery with something wrong.


In fact, not all the gate motors is with DC power for your selection freely. Also not all the DC gate motor is suitable for your Gate,door or Fence.


When find your gate is very heavy or big?

When find your budget is not enough?

When find the installation or after-service are very complicated?


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